Essential Gear for Snorkeling and Diving

There are possibly hundreds of snorkeling and diving locations around the world, often in remote places. If you are going to a remote place, always get adequate information before you do, perhaps speak to someone who has gone there already.

Find out about the type of marine life and corals you can see there, and also ask about safety.

Now, create a list of everything you will need for your snorkeling or diving. While doing this, remember, it may not be possible or easy to rent if it is a remote location. So it may be better to get your own gear. This will also give you the confidence to trust the gear always, especially if there is a situation below the water or on the surface.

What You Will Need For Diving or Snorkeling

  1. Equipment – Always carry the best snorkel, fins, snorkel vest, mask, dive computer, or wetsuit. It’s better to have your own stuff, except perhaps the tanks. You can travel light by renting, but be sure that you can get everything you need at the site, and also ensure that the stuff is of good quality. Check thoroughly always, better, get your own things so you can be sure.
  2. For First Aid – You will need at least basic first aid as well because even experienced divers and snorkelers can sometimes have motion sickness. Also carry some medical supplies in case there is a rash or something else. Medical supplies include lotion, eye drops, sun block cream, and prescription drugs. Sometimes you may not find these things at the location.
  3. Camera, Photo Equipment – You will sometimes find photo equipment in liveboards. However, these vessels are not always present in remote places. So it’s best that you arrive with your underwater camera. You will find the filter very useful too, more so when the sun is bright. Plus, you will also need the light if you want to do night dives.
  4. Clothing, Accessories – You don’t need fancy dresses, just casual and light clothing should be fine. Wear a t-shirt, tank top, simple shorts, and a sandal for the beach or flip flops. And certainly, you must pack the swimwear.

It is essential to plan well for a snorkeling or diving trip, particularly if you are going to somewhere remote.

Don’t make it a rush job.

Create a checklist and include everything, especially the vest, fins, mask, and the other water gear.